Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Happy Birthday, Madonna

Madonna turns 53 today.

Bad hair day...


  1. So am I Margaret, I'm in her age range. We both are getting older and unfortunately I often look like the last pic. TB

  2. Margaret, are you still grieving over Elvis?

    It IS his death anniversary, after all.

  3. Elvis is not gone, MJ.

    Observer, I could only wish to have Madonna's money to destroy any, and all, graven images that add at least 20 years to the face I see in the mirror.

    PS Wanna go out?

  4. Yeah, after we get our respective face lifts. Problem is who has the money; damn insurance companies don't consider it emergency surgery. I hate those fu*kers. TB

  5. It's such a shame. The ecological disaster created by the deforestation of her eyebrows is unmatched in the modern world.

  6. Observer, I accept! I'm the spry Senior in the front of THHoF at 5 AM next Wednesday (first to get in when they unlock the door at 9:17). I'll share my expired coupons with you (they always give in after I lock myself in the bathroom at closing time).