Friday, July 24, 2020

Well, this jumping through hoops and half truths is annoying

An update on the progress with Comcast.

Tuesday: Spoke with Comcast in their President's Office.  Cookie gave "E" an in-depth explanation of what was happening and how it was hurting the HHoF.  Took the case number, and was promised that someone from engineering would call me.

Tuesday afternoon: Comcast specialist "B" calls and asks what the problem is, and asks for a detailed explanation.  Cookie asks for the person to read the notes, but the Comcast Specialist would prefer if Cookie can again explain what is going on so they can verify what the notes say.  They promise a call the following day from Engineering.

Wednesday: Someone calls from Comcast/Xfinity and announces that Cookie's internet and TV cable is fixed and she tries to shut down the call before Cookie can get a couple words out.  Nevertheless, Cookie persisted.   She asks what is happening.  Cookie asks what is in her notes.  She claims there are none.  Cookie restates the problem, again.  The rep says that she cannot help, but that someone will call, and that Cookie is not to leave because whoever calls will need to speak with Cookie.

Thursday: No call.

Friday: The phone rings at noon, with a Robo call from Comcast, calling back about the trouble ticket.  "To speak with an agent, please press one."  Cookie does and is dumped into the torture chamber that is Comcast's Hellish and famous Telephone  Tree, which has to be a descendent of HAL.   How bad is the telephone tree?  It doesn't give a damn why you are calling, because it's going to tell all sorts of things that you don't want or care about.   And that call goes nowhere because the tree doesn't have a number or voice option for "YOU CALLED ME ABOUT AN OUTSTANDING SUPPORT TICKET."

Friday: Cookie again dials Comcast President Office and the call is answered by "P".  Cookie explains that he has been passed from agent to agent to agent, none of which wants to do anything to fix the problem, except transfer the call.  Furthermore, Cookie has been lied to and mislead by a caller in Comcast's overseas call center. And what does "P" do? "P" confirms that the notes exist and that they are in fact detailed and clear - two steps forward - but that he needs to pass the call back to "E" so he can look into what is going on.

Friday: Feeling a bit perturbed Cookie calls Comcast and verified that "E" is working on the issue, and received assurances that the Merry-Go-Round should end with "E" and that he will do his best.


  1. Maybe offer them a lifetime supply of of wash and sets?

  2. crapcast sux major ass (and not in a good way).

  3. Well, I changed a setting to convert to "HTTPS" I am still getting the error, but now I can access the site. OY!!!

    1. If the "https" link isn't responding, methinks there may be a problem with Cookie's PC itself; perhaps a virus. Blogger has refused to allow anything but "https" for anything - hyperlinks included - for a few years now, so to get a "no access" while trying to use that prefix sends off all my alarm bells. Which virus protection software do you use, and has it raised any alarms lately? Jx

    2. It is working with that https - but I have heard from people who tried it, on Xfinity, using chrome or Safari and it just dumps you to a page that scream WARNING...

  4. Cookie needs a big glass of wine. Glug, glug. Feel your pain. Thank you for persevering and continuing to post. Your followers need you... and your lovely sense of vintage perverse. Stay strong.

  5. Well, all the time and effort and calling the President's office at Comcast got something done. I had no problem accessing this page using Chrome on a Chromebook. Amen, Hallelujah, and pass the Big Hair Curlers!

  6. Sounds like what I just went through with Centurylink last week, they are all the same....