Monday, April 29, 2019

Stylists are Satin's Minions? Oh. Bitch. PLEASE!

Cookie is OFFENDED.

The Pope, Francis, has pissed Cookie off.

He has done NOTHING to clear the putrid stench of child abusers from the Catholic Church, but today, the Pope did this, per NBC News:

"The pope exhorted some 230 Italian Catholic hair cutters, stylists and beauticians - on a group pilgrimage to Rome - to "avoid falling into the temptation of gossip that is easily associated with your work".

Francis, look, you have  Benedict who did this crap in the years before he retired.  Cut the crap.

Leave the stylists at Stella's Smart Set and Style do what they need to do to make the world a bit more curly, and beautiful, and you do something about those Goddamned child molesters and Archbishops who are fighting reform.

Our Lady of this earth has a right to be beautiful and entertained while she is pampered.