Wednesday, July 17, 2013

While you were out

Some trick of yours came by and said you had offered him asylum.  I told him I wasn't interested in euphemisms and you weren't here.  When I asked him to go get me a root beer, he got all pissy and ran off.

Also, a bunch of cops and suits came busting in looking for you, but they wouldn't get me a root beer either, so I'm taking the rest of the day off cause apparently, I'm the only one who knows how to get a goddam cold pop.



  1. Geez...everything happens on my day off.

    And lay off the root beer - stuff'll kill ya.

    Unless you're cutting it with vodka, in which case, share.

  2. He must have misunderstood. I offered him an, ASS SLAM!

    Not ASYLUM.

  3. i was going to promote you to manageress,
    but maybe you're not up to the job?

  4. Listen, WE can call it an asylum, but that's only for the employees. It's a sure-fire way to turn off customers.

  5. ps