Friday, July 5, 2013

Everyday's A Holiday!

If you are feeling the post holiday blues, let this vision of loveliness perk you up!

That's right, it's the ever-fashionable kabuki zero, getting up, at my apartment on 18th and Belmont, NW, Adams Morgan, Washington D.C. 
The time and occasion was Halloween, 1985.  And you'll kindly notice the exquisite, perm machine/mail holder/picture holder in the foreground. 

Rest assured a good time was had by many....


  1. But wait, Mon Cherie, where is the picture of YOU from that night?

  2. I honestly can't even remember what I wore that night, let alone if there was a picture taken. Also, kabuki is not, clearly, fully dressed in ensemble complete. This was just an In Progress moment.

  3. Ah, sweet birds of youth! Ah, memory! Ah, '80s multiple-hair-product 'dos!

  4. "It's not the way you look,
    It's not the way that you smile.
    Although there's something to them.
    It's not the way you have your hair,
    It's not that certain style;
    It could be that with you.

    If I had a photograph of you,
    It's something to remind me.
    I wouldn't spend my life just wishing."


  5. No one can wear a table cloth like Kabuki can.

  6. no one can lay on a table like kabuki can.