Monday, July 15, 2013

Challenging Clients #13

No matter how many clients get backed up on a Monday morning, Mrs. Melvin (Flora) Carmichael always wants the full-on glamour package, and you can bet she wants a discount for being a weekly.

It's bad enough having to match her bangs to her goddam turkey-feather pillbox, and it's taking more and more time every week just to find her thin little lips in order to stencil on her Max Factor Crimson Demoiselle, but lately I'm having trouble convincing her that it's just not possible to cloak her permanently in a soft-focus haze.  I think I'll have to call her husband and tell him it's time to Vaseline the mirrors...


  1. She'll be fine shortly. Melvin just messengered over the crushed Milton to sprinkle in her tea.

  2. Girls got to look nice if she's gonna lunch at the Plaza.

  3. plan worked!

    i left her under the dryer a few weeks ago for hours
    & returned to find her a mere puddle of Pond's.

    now she can work YOUR last nerve.

  4. Very clever to make her hair match her hat.

  5. Yes, but MY GOD! She gave birth to Cary Grant in North by Northwest! I'll curl her bangs out of respect for her Beautiful Boy.

    1. Brava! I knew someone would recognize her, despite the clever alias I bestowed upon her...