Saturday, July 6, 2013

And the Winner Is

It's very kind of Cookie to ask me to pick the winner for the fabulous HHoF Wig Namer contest.  My therapist has said tasks like this that I can focus on when THE VOICES get to be too clamorous can be very helpful.

It's certainly worked out, since all THE VOICES had opinions, mostly about Norma's secret lady place and where that musty smell is coming from, but also about the entries.  Here's what we agree on:

The Best Collection:
Julie Merrill

The Best Single Name:
Muscato's "Vero Beach Bombshell" - the wig that goes everywhere you, your Pall Malls, and your double-knit culottes do.

I also liked Bill's "The Forgotten Faithtone."

The Best Tagline:
Boff's "These creations, the triumph of technology over conscience, are crafted from 100% Merkinelle©. Ask for it by name."

although Mrs. Leapheart's "All in Plastronic, permanently heat set for that Crunchy Feel" was an entry hard to beat.

The Most Disturbing:
as noted by other coemmentors, Norma.    Of course.

And the winner is

Because he was first.  Because he set the pace.  Because "Cotton Tail."  Because he knows his way around a wig.  Because THE VOICES said so.


  1. Bravo, Mr. Peenee!

    But I have to say I did love Veg-O-Matic's Skankalon wig material.

  2. Overjoyed, overwhelmed, overworked, underpaid. Another day at HHoF.

  3. Congratulations, Jason!

    Well played, Peenee. Everyone can feel good. So diplomatic. You're the Shirley Temple Black of the HHoF.

  4. oh my! I'm so humbled!

  5. I'm truly honored. I used to write radio copy, you know.