Sunday, April 21, 2013

These wigs need names so Margaret can sell them

Margaret in the gift shop feels that these wigs aren't selling because they lack "glamour names".  Please submit your names (noting "Style A - ", Style B - ", etc. for each) wig.


  1. I suggest combining Style D with Style E.

    As you can see, Style D is numbered "7" and Style "E" is numbered "11."

    Hence, the style will be known as the "7/11."

    I would then suggest wearing these wigs to your local 7/11 convenience store and cashing in on a free Slurpee® for your glamorous efforts.

  2. "The Floozy", "The Minx", "The Trollop", "The Jezebel", "The Strumpet", "The Hussy".


    PS I mean the wigs, not MJ

  3. I think that "A" is the Cloris Leachman.

  4. Speaking of Margaret...where is she? I miss her.
    I hope she's not back mainlining the Aquanet again.

  5. margaret needs a name so we can sell her.

  6. The Careless
    The Don't Care
    The Won't Care
    The Can't Care
    The Should Care, but Doesn't
    The Eva Gabor

  7. Hmmmm....

    Style A: Social Whirl
    Style B: Molten Temptress
    Style C: High Hopes
    Style D: Executive Sweet
    Style E: Gilded Lily
    Style F: Busy Gal

    My favorite, by a long shot, is A, which should be worn with the most overconstructed cocktail dress imaginable and a pale fur stole.

  8. Style A: The Cocotte
    Style B: The Courtesan
    Style C: The Seducer
    Style D: The White Slave
    Style E: The Temptress
    Style F: The Vamp