Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Our newest staff member stands on ceremony

The Hair Hall of Fame staff would like to welcome our newest stylist.

The mysterious Kabuki Zero has consented to join the the HHoF. We are, of course over-joyed.

Please welcome him with open kimono.  If you tip well, and if you are nice, he just may give you an Oshiguma for your collection at no extra charge.

We will linkify him following his first post, and is tradition on the HHoF.


  1. Huzzah!

    I don't expect anything less than works of art!

    And a little skewed perspective.

  2. oh my, a pandora's box has been ripped open.

    1. How much waxing did THAT take, Norma?

    2. A who can of WD-40 and a some brown Lysol for the odor.

  3. Geez - I thought he'd been subletting a chair for years. If that's not he, just who is it that who takes the one just outside the Gift Shop on Tuesday mornings? Have we had a hair-squatter?

  4. Mistress MJ is kabuki's biggest fan...kabuki is a Gigastar and an artiste.

    But I must say I was rather surprised that he used his butt cheeks for my oshiguma.

  5. It's about time you employed someone that knows exactly how to back comb an unruly bush...
    Congratulations Kabuki Zero...

  6. Ah. That explains the empty sake bottle in the break room last week.

    Hooray and welcome, Kabuki Zerosan!