Tuesday, March 12, 2013

One Hit Wonders - Boy Krazy

Boy Krazy, a studio created all girl group had one hit in 1993 with "That's What Love Can Do", a Stock  Aitken, Waterman song first recorded by the group in 1991.

Stock  Aitken, Waterman - which was also the production team behind Rick Astley and Bananarama - was the driving force behind much of the dance/crossover music in the late 1980s and early 1990s.  They could have had these young women  yodeling in the Swiss Alps and it would have hit number one in a club.

But alas, these lasses with the gorgeous tresses, and those bee stung plump lips, had a dreadful follow up - Good Times With Bad Bad Boys - and they were consigned to the dust bin of culture.  Look for them on a reality show one day as they try and recapture that magic that once was.


  1. - Ruth Ann Roberts switched careers and has become well known in the wrestling community. She is now known as Rue DeBona and co-hosted WWE's After Burn.
    - Johnna Lee Cummings pursued a solo career, but it was unsuccessful.
    - Josselyne Jones is now a producer and agent, founding Josselyne Herman & Associates in New York City.
    - Renee Veneziale sang with different bands, among them Fig, Delux and RnR. She has also worked as a theater actress, and is now a yoga teacher.

    They probably all still have the same hair.

    1. Apparently that is Kimberly Blake who, after Boy Krazy broke up, virtually disappeared from the public eye and the entertainment industry. (Renee Veneziale had already left before this photo was taken). Jx

  2. It's so telling of my complete and utter lack of taste that I LOVED the song "Good Times with Bad Boys!" LOL

  3. Oh, I lurrrrved Boy Krazy! And I own the Johnna solo album, too. As Thombeau would say, "Is it wrong?"

  4. I actually liked "Good Times With Bad Boys". Used it as a part of a vacation video soundtrack. (It was highly appropriate, let me tell you!)