Sunday, March 10, 2013

Challenging Clients #10

Meet Mrs. Harlan (Eleanora) Mortensen.  She was a regular for years, and I dreaded every appointment.  Oh, I know - she looks sweet as pie, but believe you me: you get her monthly Copper Temptress rinse one shade off and that crone will cut a beauty operator.  I finally palmed her off on Mr. José over at KlassiKuts on Plantagenet Street - told him she was a rich widow looking for a Latin mister right.  He was mad, but she only lasted six more months 'til her daughter from Mahopac came down and took her home.  Just as well - it was getting harder and harder to ignore her little incontinence issue...

1 comment:

  1. And she is always "just sure that (you) have confused" 'Singapore Sunset Saffron' with the Copper Temptress. And then she barks "Do me right next time or "its a bobby pin in your eye and an elbow in your groin."