Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Seniors Day

Stop by our Wig Shop and enjoy a professional fitting from Norma and MJMention this ad and receive a complementary shampoo-set and style with purchase.


  1. Well, ok, but you have to promise it's not that one MJ has perched on her tiny little head.

  2. mj's off scouring the planet in search of
    the perfect dynel. she emailed yesterday,
    informing me that she's located one on the slopes of
    the himalayas.

    she's diligently working with the nepalese
    government, trying to get a breeding pair out of the country.

    our prayers are with her.

  3. Okay, I'm "mentioning this ad."

    Where do I drop my IKEA monkey?

    Can MJ find a Dynelmonkey in heat wearing a shearling coat?

  4. Mj needs to return. So much for her search for virgin dynel.