Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Just So You Know...

I bring years of experience to Hair Hall of Fame. Hairdids and otherwise.

One crucial bit of information: I placed in the top three at the 1971 French Lick, Indiana "High Hair Pageant."

Guess which one is me?

Can you spot any other HHoF'ers in this picture?



  1. I know that MJ's in the behind the curtain with the guy in the red blazer.

  2. Guy(s) in red blazers, Margaret.

  3. MJ is our own Pamela "I'm with the Band" Des Barres.

    (Thanks for the help with the labels. Still learning the ropes. Anytime you guys can can edit to make it more cohesive with the blog, please do.)

  4. I'm confused ; are these women or drag queens? I don't really care I am just curious since the answer could go either way.

  5. Foxy Boxy, Oh, I began editing you the second you were hired!

    MJ is waaaaay more skankalicious than Pamela, and has more wrinkles in her knees.

    Observer, go take a peek under their frocks, and then report back. But, I won't believe your report, anyway.