Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Skipper and Ginger

Earlier today, Skipper and Ginger set out to play a rousing game of croquet.

Realizing that they only had one end stake, Ginger was all too happy to remind Skipper that she had Ken in her pocket.

"Perfect," said Skipper. "We can pound him in the ground with my mallet when we get to the pitch!"

Dolls. What'll they think of next?


  1. Fondest memories.

    I said, "FONDEST" you pervs.

  2. Skipper climbed up a tree. Ginger came along and said, "I can see your panties, I can see your panties..." Skipper laughed and laughed because she knew she wasn't wearing any panties...

  3. I love how they got their hair so lush, so long. Why it almost looks fake!