Thursday, September 22, 2011

A tale of warning: Don't make us cut you out of the fun

Purloined from: Fuck YeahVictorians 

Dear THHoF Visitor,

For the most part, we here at The Hair Hall of Fame are compliant, good willed members of the blog and reblog-o-sphere.  And from that standpoint, we all kinda have a live and let live attitude.  We do what we do because we love it and we love you, and we do it without any hope of getting rich like that bitch from "Dear Julia."  We don't even allow those AdSense ads on our blog!

We post things we see, because we know you want to see them too.   Sometimes, we may amend an image in the name of art;  sometimes in the name of satire.  As such, we (the person who creates the art or the satire) is protected by law.

And for virtually everyone who comes here, we appreciate your patronage. 

HOWEVER, it has come to our attention that someone has taken an image created by one of our own, and is attempting to call it their own and make money selling it without permission of the creator, or the person who created the charecter upon who the art is based upon.  And that isn't nice.

So it is my unpleasant task to let all vistors know that if you take something from The Hair Hall of Fame, and attempt to make money from it by cutting out the middleman (or middlewoman), you are in for a fight, and that may include a broken bottle on our part. 

If you see something and you want to use, Please ask us.  For the most part, we may say "I have no idea who owns that image - have a great day!" But if you use something that we create without our permission, or exploit it for your own person gain without the express written permission of the creator, we'll cut ya.  And if you use the name of our blog ("The Hair Hall of Fame") for commercial purposes without our knowledge or written consent, we'll cut ya real bad.

There, is that clear enough?  Because we don't want to resort to fine print, now do we?

Good, I'm so glad we had this little talk!


Salon Manager



    I will cut you! I can't believe the unmitigated audacity of some individuals! Years ago I did a cute hairstyle in a competition at the hair show. Another local salon stole the image and displayed it as their own. What balls some people need to be cut that's really messed up. Security!

  2. OOOH! Sounds like Olga's pushing the "Jungle Red" again.

    I got my pitchfork sharpened and my torch lit. Tell me which way to point it. (Keep up the good work ladies)

  3. To all THHoF'ers-- I repent. In July I used an image you posted of Carlene Fredricks for my regular Friday hot pants feature. I did link to you and to the Flickr account holder of the image thinking that would be sufficiently gracious. If I am the Hair Hall of Fame admirer who deserves your wrath, I apologize and will take down the image.

    I will not, however, discontinue my imaginary friendship with Carlene. She's been a really great neighbor. Whenever I have man troubles, she's the first to invite me over for coffee. Then, she gets all domestic and bakes me cookies made with margarine and sprinkled with incidental cigarette ash.

    Our imaginary friendship has become so solid, I've taken to describing evenings when I just want to sit at home and sulk as "going to Carlene's." Of course, my real-life friends think this is nuts, but they don't know her like I know her.

    Please be in touch if I'm the blogger who's incurred your wrath. That was never my intent.

  4. Lucite - No, no, no! By all means use Carleen! Use anything you see. This warning applies ONLY to images that we have amended - Like Thombeau's picture of Donna Lethal.

    By all means use anything you would like that is unamended - PLEASE!

    And now I am going to looking for you post because anyone who groves on Carleen Fredericks is a friend of mine!

  5. Thank you so much, Cookie! I should have been a Catholic. The guilt--it follows me wherever I go!

    I love your blog! Don't think I haven't already thought of using this one for an upcoming Friday:

    Matter of fact, my wig is in the shop and I'm working on getting my own "hairdid" to look just like hers.

  6. We will elucidate. (I love saying that word!) Someone is selling Thom's image of me on t-shirts. I very nicely emailed him and he did not respond. Then he took down my comments. So, I had to pull out the combs and report him. You know, if he would be cool and give credit where it's due, fine. But don't be a jerk about it. That's stealing.

  7. May I call you Lucy? i think you blog is simply BOFFO. I'm adding it to the list of blogs on my blog.

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  9. Donna Lethal--I think we better t.p. that t-shirt seller's house. That's so rude! Thom's been languishing in obscurity for far too long and deserves some cred. (And money, too.)

    Cookie--No one calls me Lucy, so of course you should call me that. Being linked on your blog roll would be as refreshing as one of Carleen's "famous" banana daiquiris on a hot summer day. You have had one, haven't you?

    No? You take a banana popsicle and put in the blender with a shot of coconut (or watermelon) flavored rum and give it a whirl. Pour in Tom Collins glass and add a spritz of diet 7-Up. It's revolting, but after you've had two of Carleen's "famous" banana daiquiris, Carleen wants to tell you all about what a looker she was when she was younger. After she's well into her cups, she'll start nattering on about the year she was touring with a really cool band from the '70s that you've never heard of...and then she plays that one vanity album they made. For the 137th time. So, yes! And, natch, I'll link you to Holly Gab, too!