Thursday, September 29, 2011

Happy 80th Birthday, Anita Ekberg

Our client Margaret has brought it to our attention that we missed publishing a Seniors Day post on Wednesday.

And Anita Ekberg looks pissed about it!

So let's right this wrong and celebrate Anita Ekberg's 80th birthday!


  1. May we suggest a Botox bath and facial for her?

  2. Brigitte's looking pretty good, suddenly.

  3. she was in my chair once, but one of her
    eyes popped out and i threw her out.

  4. Growing old and having to see what happens in the mirror everyday is bad enough but having been a star and a beauty in your youth must be agony.

    Either they undergo the surgery and hear how bad that looks or they don't and have to hear about that as well.

    They can't win.

  5. My eyes popped into my crotch, and Wally was agape.

  6. You do NOT want to fuck with Anita Ekberg. Her face is natures way of telling you that.

  7. @ Cookie - It has BITCH written all over it!

    Some peoples lives are so simple.