Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Seniors Day

Photos by Robbie Kaye. More here.


  1. very nice thom!

    of course, i've never seen anything like this before!

  2. Great find, Thom.

    You've saved my ass as I hadn't prepared anything for Seniors Day this week and you just KNOW that Margaret is like a pit bull when we don't have content ready.

  3. Strangely enough that is exactly what my hair looks like these days when wrapped in rollers.

    One more perm and it's gone for good.

  4. Beautiful photos, but it never looks like that around here. Our seniors are slumped over, drooling, and rifling through my purse. Why is it ALWAYS senior's day, anyway?

  5. Your long-suffering reward, Donna, will be that Seniors' Day will be OUTLAWED the day you turn 62.
    Full price, a charge for your cane, senior tie shoes, and no handrails on the stylists' chair. Haha.