Sunday, September 25, 2011

Found in THHoF Archives

First Row: Polly Wannercracker, Rhoda Horse, Tam Packs, CeCe Senior

Second Row: Claire D. Ailes, Anita Mann, Velveeta Kraft, Gay Barrs, Alice Lost, Phil A. Delphia , Belva Deere

Third Row: Wilda Beest, Ima Hogg, Pete Moss, Rhea Tard, Laurel Garland, Etta Bugg, Dan D’Lyon, Dahlia Prayer

Fourth Row: Peg Board, Alma Geddon, Derry Anne Connecticut, Ernest Monet, Charity B. Ginsathome, Mark Kards, Levi Jacet, Willa Mae Kitt.

Fifth Row : Lauren Norder, Seymour Safely, Midge Ette, Tottie Line, Summer Seve, Joe King, Race Track, Stella Constellation

Sixth Row: Raine Coats, Dee Lightful, Ovid McDedbody, Candy Kane, Mort Itchin, Ben Downe, Warner Brothers, I.P. Oftin

Seventh Row: Erik D. Viking, Lois Pointe, Eileen Dover, Tommy Gunn, Art T. Fishall, Clay Potts, Regina Sweeper, Janet Upisass

Eighth Row: Mike Hunt, Ava Ginah, Telly Graff, Phil Meup, Deuce Bagg, Chevy Cavalier


  1. Didn't you miss, "Sumone Gwaunaa Pey"?

  2. That was back before we discovered Minorities.

  3. Where is Dick Aiken? Or Rhonda Vous? They're always so camera shy.

  4. Dick Aiken and Rhonda Vous were Class of 1968, along with Belle Tower and Harry Butz.

    Time flies when you aren't looking!

  5. Ida Sue Yous found this when she was looking for a picture of the class that included Virginia Hamm, Lisa Lincoln, Tad Pole and Rusty Kuntz.

  6. Lena Wheyback must have been absent that day as well. She was always playing hooker from school.