Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Seniors Day at The Hair Hall of Fame

Photo by J.C. Netherwood

Remember...seniors receive a discount here at The Hair Hall of Fame every Wednesday!


  1. Under the dryer, far right...

    Margaret's wig needs more adhesive.

  2. Ooh it's so swanky in the Senior Citizens Salon.

    *wheels chair over and asks MJ for a fuchsia rinse*

  3. @MJ, I feel so pampered-more glue makes me giddy! I asked for a crying towel like your crying game gnome look, but JMV got the last one for a lap cover (that's ok he had an accident in Aye's red tub).

    Seeing "Venus" reminds me-I am due for a rear end bleaching-is Norma open?

  4. @Margaret: A lap COVER or a lap DANCE?

  5. mj, i've asked you a thousand times to stop sneaking that faux statue of yours into the salon. and no, it won't class the place up.

  6. @MJ, I really don't know what happened in Aye's red hot tub, but JMV popped up out of the liquid of breath, and David dove in to give mouth-to-mouth under the red dye, which me, being an Olympic swimmer, thought odd, but hey, I am up for new tricks. I think it was a lap accident of sorts.

    @Aye, you might consider draining your red vat.

  7. @Norma - "it won't class the place up."

    I know right? If I see it one more time I swear...

    @Margaret - "I am up for new tricks"

    I aint draining it...apparently it's working...

  8. Actually, these broads don't look much older than most of our hairdressers. Just sayin'.