Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Your Aging Hair

It's Seniors Day at The Hair Hall of Fame…

Source: The New Book of Knowledge


  1. i don't know about you,but
    i'm gonna go take the gas pipe.

  2. This is appropriate, as at least one of our hairstylists is technically a senior citizen. Just sayin'.

  3. Wally has given me "The Fountain of Youth" many times. BTW, the "Yoo Hoo" chilling in your HHoF break room fridge is mine, and not really "Yoo Hoo" but it is fresh. I'll be in tomorrow to get it, during Wally's shift.

  4. TJB will be serving Geritol Martini's and Gibson's along with finger sandwiches. Trial size denture grip is also available if the ham salad is too chewy and your Sea Bond looses its grip.

  5. YOU WHOO!
    I don't work here, luv.... I work the sidewalk out front...
    But management here has been very good to me -
    They never call the cops.
    They let me use the terlit.
    And a little sumpin-sumpin always manages to fall out of Donna's bag whenever she leaves....

  6. Well, that does make sense, now, Wally. You and I bumped into each other in the terlit, along with Donna (large wad of cash), Cookie (zipping and flipping) and Thombeau (who was fishing his dentures out of the bowl).