Friday, February 18, 2011

Wig Hats


Washington, DC.


  1. I want to know too!

    I found a bigger photo of the building and the photographer says, “I understand why poor, run-down neighborhoods have a lot of liquor stores, but what explains the proliferation of wig shops? Granted, I prefer wig shops to liquor stores, so I'm not complaining.”

  2. As a resident of the DC suburbs, I can say wigs are in big demand in that 'hood due to pimps' and various ladies of the evening standard uniform requirements. That, and spy disguises. If you'd like, I can go undercover with my Kreml twin & report back to HHofF my 12th & H findings. I'll need a hot hair dryer, though.

  3. Get right on it, Margaret.

    Will you require a shoe phone?