Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I Know Where I'll Be Later...

Torres Barber

5219 N Figueroa St, Los Angeles, CA 90042

Reviewed by mom S.

I take my son to the barber to get his hair cut and I have been to Mr. Torres' Barber Shop many times. I believe that we need to frequent small community business in our neighborhood and that is important to me. It is not my favorite place but it is in the neighborhood I grew up in. I have waited for up to 2 hrs for my sons haircut in the past.The guys there know their stuff and they obviously take their time and do a good job. My husband is white and he is not impressed by them nor their efficiency and he prefers to drive to North Glendale. Today I attempted to get my son who is 5 yrs old hair cut and after waiting for thirty minutes I walked out. I am very conservative and as a mother I had to endure nonstop cursing, barbers were texting while working, inappropriate clients talking about "shooting up" and how they needed to be "high" and I really thought that was not the kind of talk I wanted my son to hear. They are NOT a family barber nor do they care about their image nor were the 4 barbers concerned about discretion. I will NEVER go back and I am sick of how our society thinks that it is okay to use curse words in every other sentence.

I went there 2 times, The first time I went to this young barber who I must say that did a great job. I went back and he was busy and I went to this other barber. Well I think he had a problem cutting white guys hair. or didn't want a white guy in his chair. He screwed up my hair so bad that he put some gel in it to hide the large line on the side of my head. Grant it was a Sunday around 2:30pm and now I was on the hunt to find a barber to fix what was the worst haircut I had ever had in years. I had to tell the next barber that I went to a women barber and could tell him the a guy had cut my hair.
Well after the second barber saw my haircut. He showed me the huge line on the side and said well we have to go really short to fix that up. When he looked at the top, he said the same thing too.
So let put it this way it was before Christmas and had to look like I had just joined the army.


  1. Why go there Donna, we offer you all of that and SO much more right here.

  2. Remind me to use the excuse "I have a problem cutting white guys' hair" when I don't feel like it.

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  4. Grant it these are actual folks writing from their hearts, but I'd say Torres Barber is a niche operation.