Thursday, July 23, 2020

Problems accessing our blog, The Hair Hall of Fame

We have become aware of an issue that is scaring off people trying to access The Hair Hall of Fame. 

Evidently, a background program that appears to be an Xfinity add on called "" has decided that The Hair Hall of Fame is in some way deploying malicious content.  Xfinity has been made aware of the problem in THREE phone conversations, each on guaranteeing a solution to the problem.

So far none have.

Apparently, "" has caused numerous problems with many sites - almost all are clean.

Cookie is telling you that we have never, and will never knowingly uploaded malicious content, spyware, spam ware, dump ware, trojans, or any other file that could possibly harm your computer. 

All we do is share pictures of big hair or the occasional video through youtube about hair. 

The Hair Hall of Fame wants everyone to practice safe browsing

Unfortunately, everything that Cookie has read up on this "" says that the only way to by-pass its actions with regard is to disable the program, and we are not going to recommend that you do that because we believe that on some level this program does what it was designed to do.

This problem tends to affect people who browse with either Chrome or Safari, and use XFINITY as their internet access.  The problem also resurfaces every few hours IF you close out your browser and reboot.

What we know and what we think.
What we also know about is:

1)  That we cannot find a site, company or other organization that claims to have invented the program.
2) That there is no way to appeal to the minds behind this program that they reevaluate The Hair Hall of Fame as a sight.
3) There is no way for us to find out which post they have flagged as objectionable.

What we think is the problem is that The Hair Hall of Fame owns the domain name "" and uses Google's blog forwarding system to take people to that address.  We think may see this as a hijack instead of a "forward to" action.

So we are working on this, and want Xfinity to undo the damage if in fact they are the reason why this program was launched through them blocks the site.

Again, your patience and faith in the HHoF is appreciated.


  1. I have never experienced any problem accessing HHOF nor any other Blogger site, and I have never installed any software such as Safebrowse. It is flagged as malicious software by many sites. Apple has removed Safebrowse from its store because it apparently acts like a Trojan virus. If you have Malwarebytes or similar virus software installed, that should apparently prevent it from mining your data. Jx

  2. I use firefox and had no problem accessing this site from DHTISH.