Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Bob and Meri Gabriel

The King is Coming...

Track List:
A1 My Tribute (3:07)
A2 You Should Have Come Sooner (3:34)
A3 Why Me Lord (3:08)
A4 Dear Jesus, Use Me (3:36)
A5 The King Is Coming (2:55)
B1 Silcam (2:17)
B2 The Lighthouse’The Way, The Truth, The Life (4:30)
B3 Here Comes The Bride (2:52)
B4 I Don’t Know Why (1:58)
B5 Didn’t He Shine (3:33)

Recorded at Rainbow Sound Studios. Dallas, Texas.


  1. "BOB and Meri GABRIEL"

    (Lest she get a swelled head)

  2. Isn't she pretty tho, despite the hair, her makeup looks just right for now and the adorable chin dimple.

  3. It says "Rainbow" in the lower left hand corner.

    Finally, gospel for gays! Hallelujah!