Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Happy Birthday, Rod Stewart

Rod Stewart (born 10 January 1945) turns 72 today.

In Rod: The Autobiography, Rod devotes a complete chapter to his crowning glory.

"I started having my bouffant hairstyle, as I used to call it, way back in the late '60s. ... I just [thought] people would be interested. I'd never heard of hair lacquer around my way, where I lived in those days, and even a hairdryer was considered absolute luxury. My sister had a hairdryer, and I remember I used to have to put warm water and sugar on my hair and then run up to my sister's [house], about 50 yards away, in the middle of winter, and blowdry it."

"Can we talk about the hair?" "Late Late Show" host James Corden asked of Stewart's signature hairstyle. "'Cause it's a work of art. How long does it take to get that — to get 'the full Stewart'?"

"It's 10 minutes," Stewart insisted, at which point Cordon couldn’t resist running his fingers through Stewart’s hair.

Cordon called it "a beautiful moment between two open-minded, broad-minded guys."

Partying in 1975. Rod Stewart with David Bowie. Bowie died on Rod’s birthday, a year ago today.


  1. whoever snapped that photo must've told him, "that tit & cock IS MINE!"

  2. In 1978 Rod Stewart said that he, Elton John and Freddie Mercury discussed "...the possibility of the three of us forming a supergroup; the name we had in mind was Nose, Teeth & Hair, a tribute to each of our most remarked-upon physical attributes. The general idea was that we could appear dressed like the Beverley Sisters. Somehow this project never came to anything, which is contemporary music’s deep and abiding loss."



  3. How to get a haircut similar to Joseph Stalin without showing the girl who cuts my hair a picture of Joseph Stalin?