Saturday, June 8, 2013

Why Not a Wash and Set...

...the next time you find yourself in beautiful downtown Pyongyang?  We just know you'll love your DPRK-do, courtesy of the Greatest Hairdresser in the History of the World, the Great Clipper himself, Kim Il Sung. There's a reason they call him the Permanent President!

(This is, if nothing else, the most solemn film ever made about barettes).


  1. The translation says: "How very bourgeois! A great waste of time! These women should eschew such frivolities hair clips as they do not glorify the Dear Leader nor do they advance the cause of Revolutionary Glory to All workers! Do not tip these hedonists! Pay homage to Dear Leader!

  2. trouble is, you get a wash 'n set and
    twenty minutes later, you want another.

  3. "Let us trim our hair in accordance with Socialist lifestyle"

    1. I have a feeling that it's the implied "or else" that contributes to the rather, shall we say, subdued atmosphere. No Comrade Teazie Weazie in Pyongyang, alas...