Monday, February 11, 2013

If its Caryl Richards, it is better for your hair!

We knew that Caryl Richards Just Wonderful® was the hair spray of champions, but who knew that Caryl was also into Happy Hair® too?

Now available at the Hair Hall of Fame Gift Shop.  See Margaret for details.  Margaret can also schedule your next appointment in the Caryl Richards Appointment Book.

Remember, if it's Caryl Richards, it is better for your hair!

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  1. happy hair
    Goods and/or Services:

    Hair Conditioners and Hair Sprays
    Serial Number: 72041478
    Registration Number: 0699129
    Filing Date: Nov 27, 1957
    Last Applicant(s)/
    Owner(s) of Record
    Conair Corporation
    One Cummings Point Rd
    Stamford, Ct 06904 US
    Caryl Richards, Inc.
    10 Box St.
    Brooklyn, Ny US
    Related Products:
    Cosmetics and Cleaning Preparations

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