Thursday, August 2, 2012

And if you can't trust Bess Myerson...


  1. sa·pon·i·fy (s-pn-f)
    v. sa·pon·i·fied, sa·pon·i·fy·ing, sa·pon·i·fies
    1. To convert (an ester) by saponification.
    2. To convert (a fat or oil) into soap.

    Finally! MJ's vats of lipo'd fat is no longer taking up floor space in the break room, and is now being offered to HHoF customers at a discount via 'poo.

  2. all us jews were saps for thinking that bess was queen.

  3. Bess was Queen. Until she got messed up with Carl Andrew Capasso. I mean what self respecting Jewish girl from a good home would sleep with a man who made is money through sewers and graft? And its been YEARS since she's been to the mikvah. FEH! She's dead to me!