Friday, June 15, 2012

Customers Agree: The Importance of Being Erect

Remember: True beauty comes from within

Customers at the Hair Hall of Fame agree that Margaret's work in the Posture and Deportment Department on "How to Be Erect" is the "Bee's Knee's".  Why, any day that Margaret is teaching, it's dress up day.

And see how Peenee is so eager to please? Leading the charge of the lite brigade of beauties gives Peenee confidence and couth!  Oh, you high stepping kid!


  1. I gotcher couth right here, baby. But I'm telling ya, those Village of the Damned contact lenses are a bitch.

  2. Sorry, I fainted and just came to, with all the hair poking through the stockings, I was overcome! Shavers on sale at THHoF Gift Shop, Girls!