Saturday, June 23, 2012

Blast Off with Mr. Ray!


  1. Thankfully for this woman, there was never an Astronaut Plus Plus

  2. Mister Ray? More like Lord Ray, the man is an absolute GOD with curlers. book kabuki now!

  3. Hair that's out of this world!

  4. I wrapped perms for Mr. Ray at a couple of his platform shows back in 1983. He was a mess, to say the least. He developed some hair care products that we still sell today. Medic Moist is a must have for anyone with joint or muscle pain. What! ( a moisturizer) is the best thing on planet earth for burns, among other things. Golden Set is still a good seller for those roller sets.
    Mr. Ray moved to Oklahoma many years ago. He was very active in his company until his passing in Sept. 2008. His daughter took over the company and eventually sold it. It is now call DynaMaxx. We still do business with them.
    I have about four books that Mr. Ray published and signed for me back in 1983.
    He passed away from Prostate cancer. He didn’t even tell his employees that he was having problems. He will be fondly thought of and missed.