Wednesday, January 11, 2012

We think he needs an intervention...

For years Ohio broadcast television viewers have been pelted with cheesy ads for the Cleveland firm of "Elk and Elk" featuring the  man (heavily retouched) pictured above, Arthur Elk.  Elk's frizzy, dyed combover is leaves people agasp.  When mated to his real face (sans the photoshopping), it makes him look 90.

Arthur, if you see this, we beg you, seek professional help immediatly from a qualified stylist.  Ditch the combover, let your hair grow out, and in doing so you will look years younger and much less vain.

You can see Arthur's hair in this commercial:

You can read more about the infamous "do" that's really a "don't" here.

NOTE: This post is only about the hair. It should not be construed about the effectiveness of the firm or the person. It's just about the hair.


  1. Mounted elk heads are very vogue now.

  2. I wonder if he's any relation to Monty Python's "Anne Elk"

  3. I've been saying that he looks ridiculous for years. Can't we start a petition?

  4. I'm travelling through Ohio right now, and just saw him on TV for the first time. I want to start a fan club for his hair. It's INSANE.
    I was so amazed at the sheer audacity of it that I had to do a Google search for "Arthur M. Elk's hair," which is how I found this page.

    Will anyone join if I start an Arthur Elk's Hair Club?

  5. Absolutely the worst comb over ever! He looks ridiculous, I can't believe he doesn't know that...I mean, does he even look in the mirror after he "does" his hair? I can't imagine how vain you have to be to try and think this hair style is fooling anyone

  6. Serious lawyers with serious combovers!