Friday, January 13, 2012

Happy Birthday Rip Taylor

Cue the confetti.


  1. I hope Big Bird didn't die for that outfit.

  2. The time: Happy Hour, 1979. The place: Mr. Henry's Georgetown. Rip explodes through the front door, yells out a drink order and then points to a random patron and yells, "put it on his bill!" He spends the next span of time winding his way up and down the bar and weaving though the tables 'reading' customers loud enough for the entire place to here. He has the place in the palm of his hands. Queens have lined up for the privilege of buying and handing him his next drink only to be sliced and diced by this verbal vegomatic. Finally, after about an hour of this, he triumphantly slams a glass down and yells out, "I gotta go. I gotta a show to do, thanks for warming me up!", and sails out into the night.

    Happy Birthday Rip.

  3. Rip said one of the best replies ever when I asked him how he was: "Medium."

    I just saw him again a few months ago - he showed up at a showing of The Gong Show Movie!