Monday, September 26, 2011

Welcome Back, Margaret

We’ve swept together this hair mat to welcome you back to the salon…


Not that you were ever REALLY gone.

Let’s hear the story from our client Margaret herself

"Okay, which one of you accidentally forgot to check on me 3 weeks ago while I was waiting for my below-the-knee waxing in THHoF "overflow" closet? Ironic timing to have your annual shipment of Barbasol delivered, and stacked up, against the door. Thankfully, your restaurant pilfering of, ketchup, duck and mustard sauce packets, was enough to keep me alive until your night cleaning crew opened the door to empty dirty water buckets into my face, rousing me out of a heat lamp coma. I was, during those weeks, however, able to hear everything going on in THHoF salon, including, "Seniors' Day With REAL SENIORS Day", "Let's Be Glad Margaret's Not Here Day", "Let's Have A Party Without Margaret Running Us Over With Cordoba Day", "We Can Finally Toss All the Kreml Day" and, "Hooray We Are Finally Free Day", and the best, "Why Cookie and Donna Will Not Explain Why Cordoba Has Been Parked in Front of THHoF for 3 Weeks Piling Up Ticket After Ticket Day."

Oh, you might need a plumber to clear your floor drain.

Wally, "I'm comin' home!"

Scene of the crime...


  1. I missed you Margaret but these days I can't be sure whether it had been 3 weeks or 3 hrs. I did notice the papers on the Cordoba but I thought that it was fliers for the new Lube and Oil place. TB P.S. You should have heard what they said about you on their cigarette breaks.

  2. There's room for YOU in that closet, Observer.

  3. the receptionista knows we never do below the knee wax...ever.

  4. Oh Ha!

    Glad you came back Margaret. We knew you tried to sneak away to Rose Marie's Beauty Rama.

    You salon switcher you.

    Norma, MJ and I will do our best to repair the damage.

  5. Thanks, guys! *Blubber Sniff Snort*

    You'll be interested to know that I will be on "Rolling With The Seniors" now that I have paid off the Cordoba tickets via selling the extensive stash of THHoF photos found inside the "Size XXL" rubber gloves boxes.

    Who knew MJ was Fabio's biker babe?