Saturday, April 9, 2011

Young AyeM8y & Farrah

Here we see a young AyeM8y, president of "The Mean Dirty Pirate Internet Friends of Farrah Fawcett Fan Club," with another young man…


Fill in the rest of the story as you see fit.


  1. No!

    FILL as in fill this cup so we may drink of Farrah and be healed.

  2. Abercrombie applying "Growaid" to Fitch. Yum!

  3. Consoling yet another poor young lost soul who laments that his hair is not as glorious as St. Farrah's.

  4. See, that's what AyeM8y has never understood, you place your hand in the nape of his neck to pull him towards you, you don't use the top of head as a pushing surface unless he's biting you.