Monday, April 18, 2011

Teen Angst


  1. I remember reading this issue--and wanted to be Susan--but couldn't fathom why she'd pine for David Cassidy--blech! She should have instead opted for the death row felon, a fav read for every teen girl in 1971 suburbia negotiating zits, frizzy hair, chubby boys at the pool (Norma & AyeM8y's favs) and Teenform Gro-cups (which MJ still struggles to fill).

  2. I always liked Susan Dey.

    Remember the movie Looker?

    And David Cassidy was cute for like 5 minutes.

  3. Me too!
    There is something very comfortable about her..

    I like David too, but he's no Jan Michael Vincent...

  4. Wally, don't get jealous, but I almost partied with JMV in the 80s, but was prohibited by an overly protective brother...or did HE want JMV? No worries, he's sort of David Cassidy-ish now, sadly. Air woof woof!

    Aye...David's hair/shirts were cute for 5 min.

  5. pshaw....Susie there can keep that limp, drippy hippy hair.
    I want me some "Demon Eyes"!

  6. Oh Margaret,
    How could I not be jealous? (unless it was the late '80s)....

    JMV fell to pieces; david, on the other hand, I find, is really pretty groovy now.... better than his teen years anyway...

  7. @Margaret: Obviously you have never seen my rack.

    Yes, that’s me in disguise… with a gnome.

  8. I thought that was the gnome wearing the shorts. Thanks for clearing that up.

  9. @Peenee: I did that for Margaret's benefit.

  10. @MJ, why the crying towel??? Anyway, I'd be impressed if mine weren't DDs.

    @Wally, it was early 80s, still yum-land for him.

    @Peenee, MJ is still young; her DDs will eventually hit the gnome on the head.