Sunday, April 10, 2011

Something Special for post 1,001

To our contributors and stylists, to our followers and loyal clientèle, as founder of the The Hair Hall of Fame I say thank you.  Without you, this blog really is nothing.  Thanks for letting me tag-a-long.

With love, gratitude and admiration,

Cool Cookie


  1. Happy Onethousandandwunth to all the team.

    It's the grooviest house of hair I've visited since the "Empress" (My Mother) closed her salon. I haven't had to wash and dry perming rollers or perm papers since...or change the perished rubbers....

    Here's to many more...

  2. Yeay!
    But isn't it time to sweep up the hair from the floor yet?

  3. okay, but where the fuck is peenee's blog?

  4. YAY!!!!!

    Thanks to Salon Manager Mr. Cookie for creating this fab house of hair and to my fellow beauticians and to our loyal clientele.

    p.s. As Norma asked, "Where the fuck is Peenee's blog?" Has anyone emailed him?

  5. Without Hair Hall of Fame I wouldn't be a trendsetter in my neighborhood.

  6. 1001 posts x 2 min. per post = 2002 minutes = 33 hours.