Monday, April 18, 2011

Can you believe its been a whole year?

The Hair Hall of Fame not only celebrated its 1,000th post recently, but we've been around a whole year!  TJB from SSUWAT was the first contributor to post in, with this lovely lady, L:iz Renay, and her asymetrical do.

And with this we're going to hang out our HELP WANTED sign.  The Hair Hall of Fame has an open chair for a contributor who is self motovating, plays well with others and can follow rules and guidelines.  Let us know who you are and why you want to be a HHoF contributor.


  1. Holy's been a whole YEAR?

    Congratulations us!

  2. The job requirements are really strict; too bad that all you have to know isn't just how to wield a curling iron and give good head.

  3. Yay! Happy birthday.

    What's up with these lazy bitches?

    It's the middle of a'd think someone would want a job?

  4. Congrats!
    Now the ummm....casting couch is thisaway.....

  5. Stay out of my stash and we'll get along just fine.

  6. Donna - Then stop leaving your Vicodin in the candy dish....

  7. I hope you're not replacing me already!

  8. Ooh fun! Well
    A: I'm from Texas
    B: I was really very nearly Miss Louisa County 1997
    C: My current hairstyle is what would happen if Josephine Baker and Mollie Sudgen had hot scissor action at a Clara Bow sex party ca. 1933.

    I'd have to hear more about the gig and check with Manolo to make sure it wouldn't be a non-compete issue, but it'd be a hoot to blog with some of my favorite hair hoppers.

    Gin and Tonics,

    Miss Plumcake

  9. Gin & Tonic...
    I'm Sold.

    no lie...
    WV curaf

  10. Since tomorrow is Earth Day, you can hire me and recycle a Senior who has no idea how to follow rules, or guidelines (what are those? For parking along the curb outside HHoF?), not sure if I play well with others, but I so love intimate dinner parties. I just want some 'pin money' to stuff in JMV's chair when he wakes up.

    And, have the use of Aye's vat after hours for 'deep sea exploration.'