Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Attention all clients:

Our schedule for tomorrow is PACKED.  No walk-ins will be accepted. 

We know its a Royal Wedding and all but frankly if you haven't left for London by now chances are you will be watching at home in the middle of the night so no one will care what you look like.


  1. Too bad they grounded the Concorde. I could meet you in NYC and we could do each others hair on the flight over.

  2. What number represents Prince William on the Hair Loss Timeline Chart?

  3. all that smoke is getting sucked into the dryer
    and redeposited into her hair. yummy.

  4. @Norma, Smoked hair-ing.
    @Pugg, HHoF has a corporate jet, and have it on good authority the lavatory is spacious. Wig-High Club Member.