Friday, February 18, 2011

Holy Moley


We thought Margaret was on the upswing from her Kreml-related accident but it appears that the Kolestral had unpleasant side effects.

Margaret has developed a form of naevus pilosus, a condition in which hair grows atop a mole.


  1. Looks like its more a Vole than a mole....

  2. i think if you have margaret spayed, that thing may fall off.

  3. My momma told me it was my identical twin that would follow me everywhere and bring joy since I hear laughter wherever I go. Should I still be feeding it premium Kreml, or should I switch to Kolestral? How much does HHoF charge for a twin trim?

  4. I was under the impression that you, MARGARET, are the evil twin.

  5. There was an 'incident' outside of the deep cover op on the sidewalks of "12, H, Wigs &" involving expired Kreml, pimp heels, the Washington Monument and Margaret.
    You will now direct all inquiries to me, Teragram Twin, or hereafter known as "Kreml-Related Accident, or KRA." I will be the itch in your hair, bubbling your Barbasol, curling your pins and flattening your irons. Melting the plastic chairs under the dryers on Seniors' Day, attaching to your clean-shaven forearms on prom night.
    KRA has landed, morphed, and is forming hair balls, like Tribbles on Kreml, in salons everywhere.

  6. I'm clinging somewhere in your salon.