Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Hair's Hillary!

Over at the always delightful New York Social Diary, Mr. Columbia, (DPC to his buds) wonders aloud what the hell is going on with Madame Secretary's hair. Well, she's not getting any younger, she's never home and most women know that longer hair is easiest to deal with. Sure, when it was cut in that popular Joan Lunden do, it was quite flattering, but that is not what Hillary looked like when she got up in the morning. Maybe Secretary's of State aren't allowed to have a hairperson travel with them? Thinking back to Madeline Albright, her hair usually looked like crap. Besides, maybe Hillary is trying to project a, "I'm too involved with my job to care about my hair" attitude, who knows? I'll always love Mrs. Clinton, whatever her coif.