Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Where Were YOU in '62?



  1. First half of the year, Governor's Island, New York.
    Second half (celebrating my 3rd birthday), Jackson Township, New Jersey.

    But my hair was a swirl of Brylcreme fabulosity I can assure you.

  2. where was i? i'm on the couch, the one with no neck.

  3. She’s so groovy.

    Where was I in 62?

    I was still just a little sperm.

    Norma you could have worn a dress with a more flattering neckline. Oh wait you have no neck...I’d say you could benefit from Mitzi’s neck stretcher.

  4. In 2nd grade, hoping that when I grew up I'd find a snarky, virtual hair-obsessed, play group.

  5. Norma, that's simply not true: you worked very hard that night to have a neck, and its there, under your second gullet.

  6. Where was I? Well beginning that year I was in two places - my mothers ovaries, and my father's testes. Then there was that night in February when my father kicked me out with such violence that I had to find a place to go. Luckily, mother had dispatched a nutrient rich egg for me to take over.

    I spent the next nine months trying to make something of myself. Unable to branch out, I was launched into the world the following November on Thanksgiving day at 8:32PM.

    Imagine my disappoint to discover that I had just landed in, of all places, Cleveland.

  7. I was just three weeks old, but unlike Cool Cookie, I didn't land in Cleveland until '73...