Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Mr. Teasie-Weasie

To learn all about this Master of Style, please refer to this previous informational post that I did. I'm all aflutter because a stylist who worked with ... Teasie? Mr. Weasie? (his name is, of course, Raymond) ... just commented. I do hope they keep returning and maybe they can upload that training film they mention!

Watch some short films of Raymond in action. Be sure to see this amazing one.


  1. The Shangri-La was conceived while Teasie Weasie was "knocked out on the Alps"?

    Goodness...I can believe it.

  2. Bring back the Shangri-La!

    In apricot!

  3. The Shangri-La clip is my favorite movie of all time! I always cry at the part when the Knaves wheel out the 'babes in a basket'.

    I'm only sorry that Raymond didn't get a speaking role.