Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Virginia Graham: More!

I've scanned much of this book so here's just a little taste - after I saw Cool Cookie's post I had to!

from the chapter entitled "Don't Think You're The Only One" comes this gem:


  1. I remember when women would wear their rollers in public and then cover them up with a scarf as if no one could tell - it looked trashy. Now people go outside in public without athing, with greasy stringy hair. At least when they rollers in you knew that they were at least trying to do something with their hair.

  2. I love that look. I have often wanted to go to my local supermarket in the rollers and scarf combo during what I call "plastic surgery happy hour" - Saturdays and Sundays around 4pm. However, the horrible melting faces there probably won't even notice.

  3. You know I saw a woman with rollers in her hair the other day and I smiled.... I hadn't seen it in so long. Took me right back to childhood. It was good to see again.
    (but let's not make it a habit)

  4. i LOVED women in rollers. not hags mind you. i adored it when the scarf was brought down under the chin, crossed and tied in the back. i guess that says a lot about where i lived and the wolves that raised me.

    BUT, BUT more importantly is VIRGINIA!!! in my far-est out of fantasies, i'm watching "girl talk", followed by "the gypsy rose lee show". oops, i almost just came.