Thursday, August 6, 2020

Even Noreen feels uneasy...

When you're with your "POD", just remember, Noreen can't save you from a bad dye job.  I mean would you trust anyone in this group with a secret?  With your boyfriend?  With your boyfriend's secrets?

Remember, that bit of advice was brought to your by the tHHoF and NOREEN color rinses.


  1. Noreen looks so classy. I can't imagine her suggesting you hide in your room surrounded by vipers and color your hair in a trough! Or is red merely basting herself so the others can eat her? Ah, the price one must pay for beauty.

  2. bitches gonna cut each other when they're not together!

  3. Noreen's a fucking moron, dying her hair in a light nighty on her bed.
    She was probably caught and dismembered by a serial killer.