Sunday, September 8, 2019

Raquel Welch and her big special Special

It's 1970 and Raquel Welch is going to have a huge special on TV.  Everything about Raquel was bigger than life, and for this special, even her hair was a spectacular spectacular of backcombing, curls and cascades of rich auburn cascades.  You are looking at her hair, right?

And to sponsor this extravaganza, Motorola stepped up to hawk Raquel and its Quasar II TV - the televisions that feature "Works in a Drawer".  Because in 1970, if the TV conked out - and they did - then your TV repairman could access the guts of the set without befouling your raked shag carpets.

I mean, you can't miss Bob Hope and Raquel trading jokes, can you?


  1. Fuck her hair, I've STILL got my Quasar InstaMatic Microwave Oven! 40 years old and it's still just dandy! Also have a wee Quasar TV/Radio thingy.