Monday, July 8, 2019

Take Pride in the Height of your Hair

Pictured above is Eunice Christine Tiroff, a familiar face and head of hair around Lubbock, Texas.  Mrs. Tiroff manned the tea cart at Furr's Cafeteria and featured in a 1992 Texas Monthly article entitled "Hooray for Big Hair"  for her trademark teased tresses. 

Better known as "Chris," she passed in 2012, her obituary can be reached through the following link: Eunice Tiroff

We here at the Hair Hall of Fame salute this woman and her dedication to her work and to style which followed no trend but her own.  As such, she is hereby bestowed with the honor of Hair Hall of Fame Salon of Honor, our second highest accolade.

For those of you who are curious what the highest honor is, it in the HHoF Court of Honor, which Norma Desmond oversees.  How exclusive is this Court of Honor, reserved for the hairstylists that create only the best?  It is so exclusive that Norma has yet to admit anyone, save his own name.

Nevertheless: Eunice Christine Tiroff: Salute!


  1. I grew up near Lubbock and often ate at Furrs Cafeteria. I don't remember her specifically, but she wasn't alone among the staff in being a hair-hopper! I wish I could claim brain damage from my mother spraying her bouffant with tons of AquaNet spray, in the car before heading into church...