Sunday, May 13, 2018

With love, always

The first love of Cookie's life, Leatrice, who was hired to care for me a couple days a week after I was born.  She stayed for the next nine years, surrounding me with love, structure, expectations, and confidence.  And when she was done for the day with us, she went to her own family and did even more for them.   Both of her children excelled in the world far greater than Cookie.

This isn't how I remember her best.  In this image, she is all glammed up.  But her hair was always impeccable, and the creation of her stylists at Andre Duval Salon at Severance Center.

She died when I was nine. Unexpectedly. It was my first real loss that hurt my heart, my life, and future.

So this Mother's Day, Cookie acknowledges the first love of my life, my true north, Leatrice Thomas.

If you still can - hug your mother, real or chosen. Remember that feeling.  It can be taken in an instant.