Thursday, October 3, 2019

The best of intentions gone horribly awry

The time, the late 1960s.

The Toronado by Oldsmobile.

The customization by George Barris.

The caftan and shoes reportedly bought at I. Magnum.

The tropical flower, by Pier One, or Patty's Plastic Posies.

The female model? Well, we're not sure. 

Women have been posed alongside cars since the beginning of time. 

Then came the 1960s and they posed on the cars, with less and less on, and more and more cleavage.

That's why this is such a confusing photo.

The car alone is plenty to look at.

She seems like a bit out of it, from the way she was posed. 

She's isn't alluring, and that party tent she has on is really blocking the car.

Maybe she posed like that and they moved the car.

More likely, they had to have her slouch down. 

Yeah, let's pretend that's what was going on.

Yeah, let's just pretend.


  1. She kind of looks like a giant invisible hand is using her to polish the car...

  2. It's a Fembot! Smoke's going to start to come out of her jubblies... Jx

    PS What car?

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