Sunday, December 24, 2017

Closed for Christmas: Time for Home Remedy Beauty

If you haven't been beautified by the HHoF you are out of luck. Our employees have all been sent home with bonus checks, a Whitman's Sampler and a Bottle of Crown Royal to be with their families.

So it looks like its "home remedy" beauty time.  While mayo can be glopped into your wet hair and then your head can be wrapped in a warm towel, you do have to remember to wash it out.

Whatever you do, do NOT cut your own hair.

Just remember, whatever you do: Just because there is a plaster mask of Santa on the Wall doesn't mean that a plaster masque will work for you. 

See you after the yule log is snuffed out and the fruitcake is digested. 


  1. I still haven't recovered from the mince-pie scented hot towel treatment... Jx

  2. I have to disagree: if you want to really deal with holiday depression, there's nothing like taking a whack at cutting your own hair. It's YOUR hair after all. And don't worry about tutorials or mirrors or any of that folderol. Let your depressed, possibly suicidal spirit guide you. You'll never know til you try!