Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Blue Christmas

Normally, its fun and games here at the Hair Hall of Fame, but this Christmas season brings with it a sad note.

This time last year, one of our own, "Kabuki Zero"(in the picture above), whose real name was William, but was called Billy by his friends, was readying for necessary heart surgery.  And he was very fatalistic about the outcome.

Following the surgery, Kabuki demanded to be released from the hospital feeling as if he had to get home to his beloved pets, despite the protestations of the doctors and cardiac care, he signed the wavers and left the hospital to return to his home.

He died in the middle of night.  His body was found the next morning by a friend.

Sometimes, the people we know and love do things that may not make rational sense, and there is no sense to what happened other than he needed to have his way, for a reason really unknown to anyone but himself.

All of us miss you something awful, Billy.

Love the people who mean everything to you, because sometimes, it can be too late to show it, or tell them.

When Cookie's time comes - and I am not planning on going anywhere anytime, soon, one of the first people that I'll look up upon reaching the afterlife will be Billy.   He'll be sitting there, legs crossed, and fit to be tied "You have kept me waiting."

Perhaps, but I'll make it one day.  MYM.


  1. I was leafing through the Café archive just this morning and came across one of Kabuki's mordant comments. Had to stop for a moment and think. Time does fly, and we with it...

  2. And with the internet, we can (kind of) become eternal!
    Kaboom would like that.

  3. kabooks was truly a Gigastar. I often find his comments when I'm looking for something, and I always stop to think about him.

    I have many wildlife visitors to my yard. I named one of the regulars "kabuki" in his honour.

  4. I never met Kabuki in "person" but he , like all of you have become almost daily internet companions and commentators, thus almost a stronger community than some of my friends who I haven't physical seen or talked to in years.

    In this end of year time of reflection, I'm grateful for having known Kabuki as well as all of you at HHOF and our various ports-o-blogs.

  5. Replies
    1. Death is a fact of life, sad to say. Him not being with us awful, indeed.